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International SOS

With the well being of international travelers as a top priority, Utah State University has contracted with International SOS to provide travel assistance services for the university community traveling abroad on university business or sponsored activities. International SOS provides security and medical evacuation services, and a variety of online health, safety, and security resources.

USU's International SOS Membership Number is 11BYSG000002.

International SOS - Travel Assistance

Before you leave, prepare yourself
  • Access accurate, real-time information from the International SOS Member Portal. View country guides, online medical and security reports, and sign up for health and safety email alerts.
  • Call an assistance center for pre-travel information (e.g. vaccination, required medication, and travel security concerns.)
  • Download the Assistance App
While abroad, stay healthy, safe and secure.
Contact International SOS when you:
  • Require health, safety, and security advice
  • Need to speak with an experienced internationally trained specialist
  • Need a specialist (referral) credentialed by International SOS
  • Require supplies of medication or equipment
  • Need travel advice on loss of travel documents or legal assistance
In an emergency, call International SOS right away to:
  • Arrange transportation
  • Monitor your condition and advise
  • Evaculate you to a center of excellence if local facilities are inadequate or to a safe meeting point when necessary
  • Contact USU