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Emergency Coverage

International SOS is NOT health insurance. Utah State University has contracted with a private company to provide all international travelers with Medical Insurance.

Service Broker ACE USA
Underwriter ACE
Claims Administrator ACE
Emergency Travel Assistance Co. INTERNATIONAL SOS
ADD Coverage $10,000
Benefit Paid out on the following: Pays 1st dollar to provider
Pre-Existing Conditions Emergency Care Only. Routine care excluded
Deductible $0
Coinsurance 100%
Maximum Amount $100,000
Outpatient Mental Illness 80% up to a Max of $500
Inpatient Mental Illness 80% up to a Max of $10,000
Physiotherapy Covered Expense
Emergency Dental Treatment $250 per tooth to a Max of $500
Home Country Extension up to $2,500 for a maximum period of 30 days
Dental (Palliative) N/A
Interscholastic Sports excludes professional and semi professional sports only
Alcohol and Drug Abuse N/A
Baggage Loss N/A
Trip Interruption - Return Ticket $1,500

Some Exclusions Apply – Click on the following link to review the Description of Benefits.

International SOS will assist you in obtaining the best medical care available locally or, if necessary, make arrangements for you to return home to receive appropriate medical attention. In most instances, medical expenses incurred abroad will have to be paid out of pocket and reimbursement sought later from the insurance carrier. If you are unable to arrange for payment of medical expenses at the time of service, SOS may contact ACE or Utah State University to guarantee payment of costs associated with your care. Any expenses not covered by ACE paid by the university on your behalf must be reimbursed and will be billed to you at a later date.