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Program Cost

In order to recover the costs for this program, a fee schedule has been set by the University Provost. The fee schedule is as follows:

Student Travel: $3.00/Day
Student Spouse/Dependent Travel: $5.00/Day
Faculty and Staff Travel:
1-15 Days $75.00/Trip
16-45 Days $150.00/Trip
46-89 Days $300.00/Trip
90-180 Days $400.00/Trip
181-364 Days $500.00/Trip
Faculty and Staff Spouse/Dependent Travel: $5.00/Day

For travelers using a Travel Authorization, the appropriate fee should be added to the TA. All other travelers should make a payment by check directly to USU Risk Management.

Spouse and Dependent Coverage

Spouses and Dependents are eligible for coverage during your trip. Coverage can be purchased through the Risk Management Office. Simply complete the Dependent form and send it along with payment to the Risk Management office at UMC 6600. Check Only.